Arjen Bos is a social entrepreneur, a host of meaningful and strategic conversation, a process designer and organisational consultant.

The core of his work is to support people, teams and organisations to become more purposeful and impactful by releasing their full potential. The leading and fundamental patterns in his work are taking a chaordic perspective; to help solve problems by looking at simplicity on the other side of complexity; and to inspire strategic development with a passion for purpose-driven leadership.

His work is inspired by concepts and approaches for creative thinking, improvisation, concept development, divergent & convergent thinking, (social) innovation, ideation and experiential learning.

He enjoys working in a great variety of sectors, from large multi-nationals to small NGO’s, from ministries and institutions to one-on-one coaching of social entrepreneurs.

 He is one of the founders of Engage!. Arjen is executive director of CHE Synnervate. And he fulfills different board positions, such as for Stichting DOCK20, Stichting The Hub NL, and SodaProducties.

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